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Kerretta - 2018 - "Exiscens"

(52:03, Greydisc)


I’ve lived in New Zealand for more than 12 years now, have helped with publicity with numerous local bands, write the press releases for a label, have been to numerous gigs yet still feel I know so little about the local scene. Here is another prime example, as Keretta are an Auckland-based instrumental post rock trio who have released numerous albums, yet this is the first time I have come across them. Four years after the release of their third album ‘Pirohia’ (2014), this is a collection of digital-only released tracks, unreleased outtakes, new songs and rarities starting from the days prior to their first 7" release (2007) until now. Although some of the songs will be known to fans, there is plenty here for them to be interested in. There is a huge variety of styles, but they all have their grounding in atmospheric post rock, so that one is drawn into a world where literally anything can happen. The more I played it the more I became invested in it and wanted to stay the course as one is never really sure what is just around the corner. There are times when they seem to put themselves into a dead end, but there are plenty of others when the listener is just enthralled and taken in a totally different experience. Incredibly atmospheric, the clear drums and bass cut through the layers of the distorted guitar, and riffs are allowed as they keep well clear of boredom and keep pushing. Highlight is the heavier “Nothing Seismic” (which is funny given Auckland is developed on a volcanic field, yes, our biggest city is on top of 53 volcanoes), with enough grunt to please even Kyuss fans.

Progtector: June 2019

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