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Kris Gietkowski - 2018 - "Symmetric Communication"

(39:01; Strange Fish)


Strange Fish is a sub-label of Fruits de Mer Records, who release classic and obscure tracks, reinterpreted by artists who love them, along with new songs by bands that have their roots in the 60ís/70ís. Strange Fish was launched to cater for releases that went beyond that remit, and here we have the second album from Kris Gietkowski on the label. Initially discovered through YouTube, Gietkowski had recorded instrumental versions of most of Eggís debut album, and found it strange that anyone would want to release them! But, thatís exactly what happened and the limited edition vinyl release sold out. As did the re-press. Now he is back with his second album, with two of his own songs sandwiching Eggís ďA Visit To Newport HospitalĒ, and the result is forty minutes of music which makes one think that the last forty-fifty years just didnít happen. While the drumming is back at best, at least it is a real kit, but the highlight is the very dated and grunty organ sound being deployed. When I paid a visit to his YouTube channel I wasnít surprised at all to see some Atomic Rooster numbers up there. But, as well as driving through forcefully, there is also a delicacy in his arrangements with layered organ working well with some well-constructed basslines. This is Canterbury style music of the highest order, something that honestly does come across as a long-lost album as opposed to one being released in 2018. As well as the vinyl which is what expected from the label, this is also being made available in a limited edition CD which contains a bonus song not available on the album. The complete album can be heard through Krisís YouTube channel so why not search him out and give this a try, then order the album from FdM as if you are a fan of this style of music there really is no other choice.

Kev Rowland: November 2018

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