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Lethean (Italy) - 2000 - "Lethean"
(37 min, Mellow)


1.  Subinconsio Telefonico 4:17
2.  Alchimista 8:10
3.  Marmo di Luna 4:39
4.  Lethe 7:19
5.  Pensieri di Paglia 8:48
6.  Autumno 4:02

All tracks: by Lethean.


Antonio Pincione - guitar
Riccardo Canini - guitar
Andrea Vatteroni - bass
Davide Gianola - drums 


Martino Salvetti - violin 
Jacopo Bisagni - flute
Alberto Benicci - saxophone 

Produced by Lethean.
Engineered by M. Dazzi & R. Giardina.

Prolusion. It's clear that the eponymous Lethean album is the debut of this Italian band.

Synopsis. It must be said from the outset that the music on the all-instrumental "Lethean" is highly unique and doesn't bear any analogies. Basically, it represents an amazing three guitar-based Art-Rock and is the product of performance of the Lethean quartet, while guest musicians (see above) bring in it elements of the other genres - on those tracks that they're involved in. The definitely jazzy improvisations of saxophone play quite a significant role in the arrangements on the opening track of the album, and thus, Subinconsio Telefonico is about a guitar Art-Rock with pronounced elements of Jazz-Fusion. The beginning and the ending of Alchimista (2) feature only dramatic passages of violin, so the music here represents a guitar Art-Rock with elements of Symphonic Art-Rock. Lethe and Pensieri di Paglia (4 & 5) were performed without the participation of guests and are about a guitar Art-Rock with elements of Prog-Metal. The solos of two electric guitars and those of bass are always virtuosi and cross each other by quite unusual trajectories to the accompaniment of a very diverse drumming. Both of the band's guitarists use various guitar pedals, so the sound of these compositions is practically as rich as that of those performed with the larger number of instruments. A brilliant acoustic Symphonic Art-Rock done by the laws of Classical Music is presented on the remaining pieces: Marmo di Luna and Autumno (3 & 6), both of which were performed without the rhythm section. The first of them represents the constantly developing interplay between passages and solos of acoustic guitar and solos flute, and the latter consists passages of classical guitar and those of violin. Most of the arrangements on the album are in the state of constant development, and nevertheless, they always remain coherent and beautiful.

Conclusion. "Lethean" is one of the most original guitar-based Art-Rock albums I've ever heard. It is filled with a truly inspired, quite an extraordinary music and doesn't contain any weak spots. Highly recommended.

VM: September 2, 2003

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