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Le Porte Non Aparte - 2013 - "Golem"

(61:03, MaRaCash Records)


The Italian band LE PORTE NON APARTE started out as a meeting of minds between Daniele Cancellara and Jacopo Fallai in 2007, and was realized as a full fledged band project in 2010. Now a six-man strong unit, they started the process of composing, opting to continue on when Cancellera decided to leave. 2013 saw the band signed to the Italian label MaRaCash, which subsequently released their debut album "Golem". Throughout the hour or so of music we're presented with a band with a deep affection for vintage 1970's progressive rock. Harder edged guitar and organ constellations flirting with the likes of Deep Purple, rough guitar and flute combinations that invite references to Jethro Tull, majestic organ, synthesizer and guitar combinations that for me give rise to associations towards bands such as Eloy just as much as to renowned giants King Crimson. All of these elements and probably quite a few more are mixed together in a fairly intricate blend, mixing seemingly random elements from the massive pot the aforementioned likely influences provide as far as details and instrument motifs are concerned. With typical Latin lead vocals, dramatic and theatrical just as much as melodic and passionate, and in Italian too that does add a distinct flavor to the proceedings. The end result is fairly complex compositions set inside a conceptual framework, sporting thematic changes and developments aplenty. A smorgasbord of sounds that comes recommended to those who enjoy intricate 1970's flavored progressive rock, especially for those who have a soft spot for archetypical Italian style lead vocals.

Olav M Bjornsen: March 25, 2014

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