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Lucy In Blue - 2019 - "In Flight"

(40:51: Karisma Records)



1. Alight, Pt. 1 2:31
2. Alight, Pt. 2 3:50
3. Respire 7:50
4. Matricide 4:17
5. Nuverandi 5:15
6. Tempest 4:15
7. In Flight 9:44
8. On Ground 3:09


Arnaldur Ingi Jonsson - keyboards, vocals
Steinthor Bjarni Gislason - guitars, vocals
Matthias Hlifar Mogensen - bass, vocals
Kolbeinn Thorsson - drums

Prolusion. Icelandic band LUCY IN BLUE was formed back in 2013, and three years later they released their self-titled debut album. Come 2019 and the band had been picked up by Norwegian label Karisma Records, who released their sophomore album "In Flight" at the start of the year.

Analysis. Progressive rock bands honing in on the vintage era of progressive rock has been quite popular for a number of years, among artists and music lovers alike. It is a type of music that comes with it's own challenges of course, one being to avoid replicating too much of what individual artists from that era did, another is to sound authentic. In my view, Lucy In Blue manage to master both of those challenges quite nicely. This is a band that has the psychedelic parts of the progressive rock universe as their foundation. Lead vocals and vocal harmonies all tend to be delivered in a time-typical, psychedelic manner, and those fond of echoing and reverberating guitar details and dream-laden floating guitar solo runs accompanied by appropriate organ or Mellotron textures will find a lot to enjoy here. That being said, Lucy In Blue isn't quite the one trick pony. Quite a few of the songs does feature the occasional jazz-tinged touch for starters, and the band aren't afraid to include more conventional progressive rock elements either. Nor are they afraid to twist things around a bit. Hence we are treated to some material that reference mid 70's Pink Floyd, while other creations draw upon the legacy of Camel and, arguably, Eloy - albeit in a minor and perhaps accidental manner as far as the latter is concerned. Vintage era hard psychedelic progressive rock has it's place here, but so does floating, dream-laden and accessible varieties of symphonic progressive rock. And as a striking identity detail particular for this band is the inclusion of a hard, dominant and booming bass guitar whenever it is appropriate. This is a really well made album, and a good example of how and why vintage era progressive rock can be quite the entertaining style of music to listen to. A solid album on all levels.

Conclusion. If you know, love and treasure vintage era progressive rock in general and the varieties of it that has a sound foundation in the psychedelic aspects of it, Lucy In Blue is a band that merits a check. Especially if you don't mind encountering the occasional jazz-oriented detail in such landscapes.

Progmessor: July 2 2019
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