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Mange Ferraille - 2020 - "Erba Spontanea"

(39:52; Dur et Doux)


Formed in 2014 by Anthony Fleury (baritone guitar, organ, voice, Fordamage), Thibault Florent (guitar, organ, So-lo-lo/Nist-Nah) and Etienne Ziemniak (drums, Electric Vocuhila/BGZ Trio/Carnalisme), Mange Ferraille are another incredibly experimental and “out there” band which one expects from every release in the Dur et Doux label, which surely must be one of the most consistent and exciting labels around (Moonjune and Cuneiform also fit into this territory). The combination of different approaches, with some elements written ahead of time and others improvised, jazz, rock, industrial and experimental all coming crashing together, combines in a mostly instrumental approach which also has some very mechanical sounds, almost as if it was being put together in a factory. ‘Erba spontanea’ is their second album and has been released as a single 40-minute-long piece of music, although it is in four movements. At times the instruments are living and breathing, moving in different areas, whereas at others they become hypnotic and almost trancelike. This is especially true of the second movement where the strong powering percussion allows the keyboards to gently take the music into different directions, dragging us into a psychedelic world. One can imagine this being played at the UFO Club more than 40 years ago, with lava lamp displays and lots of drugs. This is tripping music, intense and all-consuming. The drums keep powering through, even when the music takes an almost grunge turn riffing and heavy. One never knows where the guys are going with this, as it takes over the senses. The listener is very much in their power, and the only way to really understand what is going on is by playing it very loudly indeed, preferably on headphones in a darkened room at night. Compulsive and compelling, this is interesting indeed.

Progtector: July 2021

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