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Mangeur de Reves - 2019 - "Histoires a l'envers"

(32:34; Mangeur de Reves)


Back when I started working with bands, labels and PR companies everything was physical. I used to write letters (or make phone calls) and was sent CDs and tapes with photos and press releases. I used to keep everything in filing cabinets and when it was time to write a review, I could put my hands onto whatever I needed. Then along came email and I started organising (and still do) all my email into folders so again it is easy to find what I needed (search has improved over the years, but I like it this way). But these days I can be contacted in multiple different ways, through multiple sites, and all I can say for sure about this is that I was sent it directly by the band, but I donít know who and I canít find where we had our original conversations. I find this incredibly frustrating and get really annoyed with myself for allowing it to happen, especially when I enjoy the music as much as this! Formed in 2016, this Montreal-based band performs solely in French, and this is their debut release which came out earlier this year. Seven songs, at slightly more than 32 minutes long, the only major issue I have with the album is that it simply isnít long enough. This is progressive rock which has been heavily influenced by folk, where harmony vocals are incredibly important, and the musical backing is literally just that, designed to provide support for the singers to show what they can do. I have no idea what they are singing about, but really donít care. Each time I play this, and I have bee playing it a lot, I feel I am being taken into a different world. The use of an electric piano is in itself quite unusual, in that most bands use banks of keyboards, and there is a very strong use of acoustic guitars while the drummer is here listed as providing percussion. That normally means drums and cymbals, but in this case, he truly is using multiple instruments, sometimes playing with his hands as opposed to sticks, and there are also plenty of instances that he just sits back and listens to his bandmates before coming back in at just the right moment. The guitar solos are simple, erudite, and to the point. This isnít a band who are ramming their musical ability into your face, but rather are performing well-thought out beautifully arranged material which is a delight from beginning to end. It is impossible to pick a favourite as each song contains elements of real delight, whether it is because of the vocals, the harmonies, the arrangements or the sheer delight this brings. Well worth investigation.

Progtector: September 2019

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