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Mantric Muse - 2012 - "Mantric Muse"

(55:40, Transubstans Records)


The Danish band MANTRIC MUSE was formed in the second half of the 90's, but while active as a live unit they only managed to release one EP in the 15 or so years they have been around. Until 2012 that is, when they were signed to the Swedish label Transubstans Records, which subsequently issued the band's self-titled debut effort. What we're treated to is music not too far removed from another band project that shares members with this act, namely Oresund Space Collective. Instrumental progressive rock of an improvised nature, where sounds and effects of a cosmic nature are liberally applied. A type of music generally described as space rock. Tight bass and drums form the foundation, and in this case with a smooth synth backdrop as a vital secondary element. Guitar soloing, cosmic inspired effects and additional keyboard motifs make up the remaining elements, used inside a sonic palette that ranges from slow, ambient constructions to energetic, pace-filled ones. In this case within a smooth overall sound, the band opting for supplemental instrument layers over contrasting ones most of the time. A neat and effective production that should find favor amongst most space cadets and those with a keen interest in instrumental space rock in particular.

Olav M Bjornsen: October 24, 2013

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