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Marbin - 2021 - “Shreddin' at Sweetwater"

(60:41: Marbin)


For a band that normally plays in excess of 250 gigs a year, the COVID pandemic had a major impact, resulting in the cancellation of more than 100 already booked gigs and Danny and Dani taking the longest ever break from live performance since they got together in 2007. So when the opportunity arose to record a live set at Stillwater Studios they jumped at it: It may have been eight months since they had been together but one would never guess that from the performance. They were joined again by bassist Jon Nadel and drummer Everette Benton Jr., Nadel has been with the band since 2016’s ‘Goat Man & The House Of The Dead’ while Benton Jr. was on 2019’s ‘Strong Thing’. Whereas the previous studio album, ‘Russian Dolls’ was very different in many ways, more like a solo album from saxophonist Danny Markovitch than a full Marbin release, this is totally different, with guitarist Dani Rabin relishing the opportunity to really let rip. Also, did you know that a saxophone can shred? Just listen to “Whiskey Chaser” if you want proof, as while there are times when both soloists take off on their own, it is when they are joined at the hip and ripping through the notes that they really stand out. Benton Jr. is a very powerful drummer, constantly providing fills and driving it on, while Nadal often has to provide the structure and melody while the two at the front go off at tangents. Their work ethic over the years means they have spent thousands of hours playing side by side, so Dani and Danny know instinctively when to drive, and when to sit back and let the other take control, and the result is a storming album which is powering fusion, but with a harder edge than many.

Progtector: September 2021

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