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Marbin - 2021 - “Fernweh"

(42:11; Marbin)


Marbin fans have been spoiled over the last year or so, with both Danny and Dani releasing albums under the Marbin banner in 2020 which were basically solo releases showing a different side of the band, and then the powering ‘Shreddin’ At Stillwater’ release earlier this year and now here we have ‘Fernweh’ which shows yet another side of the band. This time they are operating as a trio, so Danny and Dani are again joined by Jon Nadel, who this time is playing double bass. Why a double and no drums? That is because the guys have gone back in time, Dani is on acoustic, and we have a gypsy jazz album which sounds as if it could have come from the Thirties. Anyone who has studied their jazz will be familiar with the Paris-based Quintette du Hot Club de France, which was formed by guitarist Django Reinhardt, but whereas he played against the incredible violinist Stephane Grappelli, here Dani is with Danny in a relationship that has seen them play thousands of gigs together. This is music that just swings, really swings, and this totally different style shows the band reaching new heights. By removing the percussion there is room for everyone to breathe, and there is space within the sounds which allows the notes to really move. Of course, it would not be Marbin without the guys allowing themselves to go for incredibly high note density, but this is all about having it in its place, so there is also plenty of time for simplicity and delicacy which equate some truly beautiful moments. The bass line is never overly dominant, but it is sumptuous, and the breadth and width of those notes provide plenty of support for the melodic instruments on top. This feels more restrained, more controlled and considered, than many Marbin releases, as if they have slowed down and taken a different look at the world, as many of us have over the past year, and the result is something very special indeed.

Progtector: September 2021

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