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Marc Ceccotti - 2005 - "Nice Rendezvous"

(64 min, 'Edhels Music')

TRACK LIST:                             
1.  Nice Rendezvous 5:05
2.  LM Waltz 5:00
3.  Just a Wink Mama 1:42
4.  The Unlikely Asian Night 5:00
5.  Blood of Poet 1:33
6.  Rue de la Loge 4:08
7.  Roba da Matti 2:16
8.  Blues for a Brief Affair 4:00
9.  Quantum Vision 0:49
10. Serata di Settembre 3:33
11. One's Head in the Clouds 2:00
12. Sweet Kiss & Covert Moon 4:07
13. Les Ondees Passageres 2:52
14. Girotondi 5:05
15. Chinese Specter 4:35
16. Dear Friend 2:22
17. Instant D' Eternite 4:03
18. World Adrift 6:12


Marc Ceccotti - guitars; keyboards; programming

Prolusion. "Nice Rendezvous" is the third solo effort by Marc CECCOTTI, who is certainly more known as the founder and the primary mastermind of Monaco's Edhels. Related reviews: here and here.

Analysis. Stylistically this album approaches the kind of jazz-fusion that has relations with some art-rock and blues movements, the musician having performed all the instrumental parts himself. The emotional content of this program evokes a sense of serenity and mild calmness; the arrangements are tasteful and exquisite. Conditionally the album's eighteen tracks can be divided into three categories. The most elegant compositions with saturated melodies and interesting chord structures belong to the first one. Nice Rendezvous, LM Waltz and Rue de la Logeare are the best in this row, in my opinion. LM Waltz is executed without a drum section, in 3/4 meters. The guitar passages are effective in connection with the general rhythmic structure. Rue de la Loge can be compared with some of King Crimson's experiments because of its specific background instrumental part. The composition is quite complex and crafty. The dissonance-based pieces complete the second conditional group, and here, I'd like to pay special attention to Blues for a Brief Affair and World Adrift, noting the originality and invention in their arrangements. World Adrift successfully combines elements of avant-garde, art-rock and blues. It sounds integrally, without a sense of excessive eclecticism. At last, the third category consists of short acoustic guitar sketches, such as Blood of Poet, Roba da Matti and Quantum Vision, imparting a solid diversity to the program.

Conclusion. "Nice Rendezvous" leaves a good impression. Marc Ceccotti's technical skill and musical taste are evident throughout the program. But I must say frankly, the album sounds not that compelling in the context of the progressive music, because the textures of some pieces at times lack a proper thematic development, with the meter changes and the essential chord progressions that this trend demands. The album will please lovers of brilliantly arranged, yet, accessible music with mild and smooth inner atmosphere.

VF: February 3, 2006

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