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Marco Ragni - 2020 - "Acid, in the Meantime"

(20:57; Marco Ragni)


Marco was one of those, like many of us, who had to go into lockdown during these rather strange times. Like some other musicians I know, he turned to his outlet to get away from the horrible reality around him, and this four-track EP was written and recorded during quarantine. Marco provides bass, electric guitar, keyboards and soundscapes and Elaine Wiltword provides vocals, and the result is an EP far removed from what I normally expect from Marco. The first song, which is the title cut, would not be out of place in clubs as it is a dance track in many ways, and not something I would generally listen to. I have always thought of Marco as prog rock musician, and on this EP he is blending different styles (especially psychedelia and even some space rock) to create something that is pushing boundaries in different directions. He is not content to stay still and produce what he had done previously and has gone out and done something quite different. The introduction to “The House on a Red Mountain” with acoustic and electric guitar is my favourite, as I love the way the piano comes in and adds additional brightness. Back in April Marco told me he had written more than 30 new songs, so he has been working hard, and while this release isn’t one for me that is purely down to personal taste. This shows just how widespread his talents are, and I look forward to the new album ‘If” with great interest.

Progtector: September 2020

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