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Matterhorn - 2020 - "Outside"

(45:48; Apollon Records)


Matterhorn is a new project founded by singer Tommy Sebastian Halseth (Atrox, Manes) for which he has brought in Edvin Matthieson (bass, acoustic guitar), Andreas Stunes (drums, keyboards) and some guests (including 8 guitarists!). The result is something which is very polished indeed, with loads of harmony vocals, and it feels very constructed and carefully thought through. That, combined with the somewhat smothering production, has resulted in an album which has some interesting sections, but for large parts feels that it needs more freedom and soul. There is no doubt that Halseth has a wonderful voice, but this just feels too cloying and restrictive. Looking on PA, here we have an album which has been out for nearly a year, released on a well-known label, yet there is not a single review and only three people have rated it so far. There are times when Matterhorn show some very strong Pink Floyd influences, but there is no real cut through, which is somewhat surprising given that he has been involved in some quite a few bands over the years, mostly with different forms of metal. Here he has softened the approach to appeal to a very different market indeed, but to me he has gone too far, and the result is something which does not contain enough contrast. I am sure there will be plenty who will enjoy this, but all I can really say is that this is not for me.

Progtector: September 2021

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