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Mechanical Organic - 2010 - "Genesis of a Germ"

(29:15, ‘Mechanical Organic’)


"Genesis of a Germ" (“Disrepair Part 3”) is the fourth production in total by the Australian outfit MECHANICAL ORGANIC, which is the creative vehicle and outlet of composer and multi-instrumentalist Eddie Katz. And like his previous efforts under this moniker, it explores a blend of progressive metal and electronic effects the artist describes as hybrid metal. Extensive use of what sound like sampled, talking voices is a massive part of the proceedings on this EP, with dampened, almost shouted, yet melodic lead vocals employed for the rest of the vocal displays. Both vocal effects are used in different manners to get a message across, in this case with diseases like HIV the central topic. Musically, the composition taken on this time, the just over 25 minutes long The Cut Hunter Theory, comes across as a creation taking its cues from Nine Inch Nails and Norwegian act Age of Silence. Dark, doom-laden progressive metal with powerful guitar riffs and textures applied liberally, as well as forays into electronic territories with an industrial touch. Early on there are also some parts closer to space rock giants Hawkwind in expression. As with its previous effort, the band has also crafted a radio edit version of the composition, just over 4 minutes long, and I'd suggest those curious about this material to seek out this short version of the song to find out if this is a band to their liking or not. Personally I find this to be an OK effort, but without truly impressing me in any area.

Olav M Bjornsen: Feb 18, 2011

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