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Mytho - 2008 - "Mytho"

(17:19, ‘Mytho’)

TRACK LIST:                   

1.  Alpha Centauri 6:18
2.  No Shadows in the Sun 5:52
3.  Night Eyes 5:09


Marco Machera – vocals; bass
Enzo Ferlazzo – guitars 
Antonio Machera – guitars 
Fabrizio Machera – drums

Prolusion. MYTHO is an Italian outfit that was formed by the Machera brothers and Enzo Ferlazzo in 2007. Their self-titled debut EP was issued early in 2008 and since then the band has concentrated on writing new material.

Analysis. It's sometimes hard to judge the direction a new band such as this wants to follow based on a three track EP, and for this particular act it seems like they're still not quite sure where they want to end up. The key element in all three tracks is synth guitars: an instrument used by both guitarists in this outfit. They use the instrument’s capabilities to go back and forth between guitar sounds and synth sounds to good effect and do create some rather intriguing moods due to this. The opening composition Alpha Centauri is the clear highlight on this production, with atmospheric, lush, guitar and synth textures upon a driving bass and drum foundation, the mix of almost ambient layers with steady and energetic rhythms resulting in a highly likable creation, which should appeal to those who like neo progressive rock. The two songs following aren't as intriguing or creative either. On No Shadows in the Sun they do utilize arrhythmic fragmented guitars in the verse parts and Night Eyes does feature some compelling segments with a nice mix of dark-tinged synth layers and guitar riffs, but both compositions are heavily dominated by stylistic elements belonging to AOR, with some hair metal tendencies to boot. The chorus parts in these tunes especially venture deep into musical territories heavily explored by other acts for the last 30 years or so, and in this case this is a band that doesn't manage to create songs or moods any better than others in this field have done.

Conclusion. Although not producing anything highly creative or adventurous on this disc, the opening track Alpha Centauri might make it worthwhile acquiring this EP: if atmospheric neo progressive rock is to your liking. Those looking for innovative music should look elsewhere.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: Agst 17, 2009
The Rating Room

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