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Nathan Hall & The Sinister Locals - 2017 - "The Volga Sturgeon Face EP"

(16:24, Nathan Hall & The Sinister Locals)


Welsh project Nathan Hall & The Sinister Locals is, from what I understand, the solo project of Nathan Hall of Soft Hearted Scientists, where he records material not intended for his main band. What we are treated with here is material that appears to be rather similar to what Hall and his partners create in Soft Hearted Scientists however. The vocals style is recognizable, the core music is based on folk, acoustic and psychedelia blending together in a timeless manner with a vintage feel to it, and the mood and atmosphere has that subtly whimsical character to it that at times belies the content of the stories we are told. Where Hall and his sinister locals do separate a bit is in the arrangements however. A bit more expansive, a few more layers of sounds and keyboards, and arguably with a stronger general orientation towards progressive rock. Not in any dramatic manner, but the general feeling is that this material is just a bit more expansive on most levels. Those who tend to like progressive rock with an acoustic, psychedelic and folk oriented foundation should find this EP to be a rewarding experience. Much the same can be said for any fans of Soft Hearted Scientists I imagine, and even if the material is subtly different the core elements are pretty much brought in from the same alley.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: August 30, 2017

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