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Newspaperflyhunting - 2018 - "Time Lost"

(20:07; Newspaperflyhunting)


Polish band NEWSPAPERFLYHUNTING have a history that goes back to 2006, and in the thirteen years that have passed since then they have released three full length albums, one compilation album and a dozen singles and EPs. The EP "Time Lost" dates back to 2018, and was self-released by the band. While this is a band that has it's roots in post-rock territories, my experience with them is that they have always expanded the core foundation to one extent or the other. In the case of this EP, my main association goes towards an inclusion of singer-songwriter style details into this totality: As a blend in opening song 'Why', as a dominant aspect in second song 'Recycled', as split effect on third song 'To Rid the Memories' and as a sparsely used effect on the concluding, majestic 'Time Stands Still'. The latter also being the most interesting of the songs on this EP, with liberal amounts of dark toned, noise-tinged guitar textures and the various types of light toned instrument overlays you expect from a post-rock band. Opening cut 'Why' is another highlight, with it's development from a careful, frail opening presence into a majestic, emotional and tortured finale. Post-rock continues to be a relevant sub-genre of progressive rock, and Newspaperflyhunting continues to explore the genre and push some boundaries in a good manner on this EP, just as they have done on the previous EPs and albums I have heard. A good and interesting production, with the opening and concluding songs as the clear highlights.

Progmessor: June 27th 2019

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