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Nichelodeon - 2012 - "No"

(28:29, ‘Nichelodeon’)


The Italian outfit NICHELODEON and their band leader Claudio Milano have made quite an impact in the last few years among followers of challenging art rock of the kind most commonly described as avant-garde in expression. "No" is their latest effort, a live EP they have chosen to release as a free download. All the tracks on this album have been previously released, but while there's no new material this time around, the arrangements and performance of these compositions have been given a revision. One might describe this as a fairly accessible production of sorts. Pieces like Fame, Fiaba and Apnea have all been given a beefy guitar foundation, with organ or sax supplementing, while Malamore e Luna and Claustrofilia explore more tranquil, laidback and piano-driven territories. Still, there's ample room on all of these creations for free form oriented challenging excursions and instrumental breakdowns too, and odd noises and Milano's dramatic, theatrical lead vocals is just as much a part of the proceedings as ever. But key features are recurring themes of a more accessible nature in between the uncompromising sections firmly based in experimental, avant-garde art rock. And as such, this EP can be warmly recommended to those who desire to get to know this fine Italian band and existing followers both, a splendid production that in a fair and just world should have seen a label release.

Olav M Bjornsen: February 14, 2012

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