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Potekhina, Olga (Ukraine) - 2001 - "Twilight"
(39 min, self-release)



1. Legend

2. Ligeia 

3. Shapes of Water

4. Song For Annie

5. Double Deja Vu

6. Last Leaf

Olga Potekhina - acoustic and electric pianos 

All music written, arranged and performed

by Olga Potekhina.

Recorded at "PolySound" studio, Odessa.

Artwork by Olga Potekhina.

Prologue. First off, it's a shame that we haven't still opened Olga Potekhina's "Channeling-Art Gallery" on ProgressoR. There presently are only the gates to the fantastic Art-world of Olga under: > You can see them, but you can't enter them at the moment. Nevertheless, you will - already in the near feature. While thousands of people can enjoy Vladimir Finkilstein's "Sur-Art Gallery" (to see it go to: > already for more than two years, they can't see more than unique graphic works by Olga up to now. Entities she paints are just wonderful: their images are marvelously unusual and, at the same time, so beautiful. Olga is a powerful Channel, though she doesn't know what is this - the Channeling (let alone what does it mean to be the Channel). She couldn't even understand me when I tried to explain her the most accessible conceptions of the Channeling. But, it doesn't matter if the being, who is the Channel, know nothing about it. Maybe, one day she will. Though, actually that doesn't matter, too, and the Channel will always remain the Channel anyway. (Everything is from on high.) Well, let me put here the final touches to the creative portraits of both the owners of the Art Galleries on ProgressoR. While Olga is from Odessa, which is one of the most astonishing cities of the world (sorry, I am now talking not of the US' town of the same name), Vladimir is from Tashkent (which is my hometown as well). What is especially amazing, apart from being a professional painter, Vladimir, as well as Olga, is also a composer and he plays his music on the piano, too!

The Album. Despite the fact that the only instrument, that sounds on this album, is the piano, all of the six pieces of "Twilight" musically are as different among themselves and, at the same time, marvelously beautiful as all of Olga's images of Entities, living on different planets of the Universe. Actually, all of these six compositions represent (contemporary, but as if taken from the Future) Classical Music, full of extremely diverse yet always beautiful arrangements. This is a serious, complex Classical Music. Also, it sounds unusual in many ways and it is impossible to comprehend it with just a few listens to it. At the same time, it is impossible not to love Olga's music already after the first listening to it. (It happens because a positively hypnotic (just marvelous, once again) energy, that this music brings to the listener, reaches the latter through an invisible yet very powerful Channel.) From the tender lyric and sonorous screams of the scared child Olga suddenly turns to the unruly passion, raving of a drug addict, and the eternal drama of mankind. Her passages, tremolos, and glissandos drive from Heaven to Hell and from Hell to Heaven through the everything that lie between them. So I'll be more than surprised if any of the labels, that work with the performers of acoustic progressive music, won't release Olga Potekhina's debut album "Twilight".

Summary. The majority of us, dwellers at the threshold of High Spheres of Music, are the Channels, too, though most of us can be out of the know of it, as well as Olga herself. Nevertheless, we are able to find the Beauty in just a set of (living!) noises, whose virtual Muse, though, is Her Majesty Harmony, the Queen of all Queens of all the Musical Spheres. There will always be the Harmony in Music, which is the most Unearthly of all of the Earthly Entities. There will never be a harmony in rapport between all of the real Earthly Entities. It is because they will never find a way out of the Two Trees Wood. "Can Homo Sapiens, having respect to the experience of all of the past centuries, cherish at least a bit of hope for the Radiant Future of Humanity? No." (The question is the title of Vol. 14 of The Bokonon Books. The answer is all the contents of it.)

VM. November 15, 2001


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