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Omega Xentauri - 2013 - "To a Debt That Was Never Ours"

(68:38; Omega Xentauri)


This 2013 album was the second release from Belgian act Omega Xentauri, who were formed by guitarist Erik Callaerts in 2008. This is a female-fronted progressive rock band with heavy and metallic influences but having now played it a few times I am not surprised it is the first time I have come across it. If this had been in the hands of a recognised producer, with the support of a record label, then I am convinced I would be listening to a very different album indeed, but as it is there are quite a few areas which canít be ignored. Firstly, the production and overall sound of some of the instruments is incredibly poor, and I am convinced the drummer was playing a cardboard box as opposed to a professional kit, which surely could not have been by design. There are also times when there are obvious issues with the playing, and certain sections should have been replaced and dropped in while the songs themselves could have done with some judicious editing. The same goes for the vocals, which at times are flat, and Lotte Verheyt was obviously having issues with hitting some notes. Taking it on face value this isnít an album I could ever recommend seeking out, but there are some ideas and flashes here and there which show just what this band could be like given the right opportunities and guidance. Not one to which I will be rapidly returning.

Progtector: June 2019

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