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Opera Oscura - 2017 - "Disincanto"

(29:53; Andromeda Relix)


‘Disincanto’ is the debut album by Opera Oscura , a group created by keyboard player Alessandro Evangelisti and guitarist Alfredo Gargaro, together with Leonardo Giuntini (bass) and Umberto Maria Lupo (drums). Somewhat unusually the band also comprises two female lead singers in Francesca Palamidessi and Serena Stanzani. This isn’t the only thing that is out of the norm, as while a symphonic approach to metal is often fairly commonplace these days, the mix of progressive, classical and operatic styles in with a gothic touch is certainly not what I expected when first listening to this. But, what makes this album such an interesting listening event is the way the guys move between different styles and flavours of music, allowing themselves complete freedom to do whatever they like. This means that the music may just be delicate rippling piano, with some gently picked acoustic guitar: the rhythm section may or may not be involved, the guitar may turn electric and be riffed hard, or it could be providing a delicate solo. There again the piano may instead be changed into curtains of keyboards or there could be powering organ over the top of it all. Then there are the vocals of Francesca and Serena who may sing independently, together, as rock vocalists or classical singers, whatever is right for the music at hand. It is hard to fathom that this is a debut, as there is a strong use of space and restraint, and it is these that really add to the overall feel of the album. When they want to blast out they can, and become a symphonic gothic metal band, but when they want to produce sheer acoustic beauty then they can do that as well. The way they move between the styles both within and between the songs is wonderful, and the result is a debut I have enjoyed playing immensely. I really look forward to the next album, and as this was released towards the end of 2017 I can only hope that isn’t too far away. My only niggle is that this is just 30 minutes long, so next time can it be double that please!

Kev Rowland: November 2018

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