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Orbiter - 2018 - "Backyard Planetarium"

(24:12; Orbiter)


Orbiter was created in October of 2016 by Mike Antoch (guitars) and Mike Sangapore (drums) in southern Connecticut. Both being in (separate) metal bands for many years had given them the drive to pursue different musical paths one that they had not heard before. After several practices together, they realized their musical interests were almost identical and they were creating a spark in their sound that felt fresh to them. Initially they recruited their friend Justin Tart on bass, but after a few shows they parted ways. They have since brought in Sean Reid to complete the line-up, but by the time he joined Antoch had already completed bass on the EP. Six instrumental numbers, approximately 24 minutes long, it is obvious that they have been heavily influenced by the likes of Animals as Leaders or Between the Buried and Me. The music contains complex riffs and note patterns, with bass and guitar often following the same incredibly complicated route through the music while the drums drive it along frenetically from the back. There is a good use of dynamics, with the guys changing the pace quite dramatically, and the use at times of repeated riffs allows the brain to reset until the next over the top guitar solo kicks in. This is an interesting romp through instrumental metal, and while not essential is certainly interesting and enjoyable. Whether they can maintain interest for a complete album remains to be seen, but I certainly look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Kev Rowland: November 2018

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