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Orgia Pravednikov - 2007 - "Uhodyaschee Solntse"

(58:13; Progshine Records)


2007 saw the release of the third full-length album from Orgy of the Righteous, ‘Uhodyaschee Solntse’ (The Leaving Sun). Yet again the band is refusing to conform to anyone’s idea of what progressive rock should sound like, and indeed doesn’t seem to have a firm idea themselves! The opening number is an moody instrumental, with both acoustic and electric guitars combining to create something that is progressive atmospheric doom, then they follow that with a crunching metallic number which immediately makes one realise that they have moved a long way musically from their breakthrough ‘Doors! Doors!’ which was released just two years earlier. They really are unlike any other Russian band I have come across, although their strange and eclectic style does make me think of classic Cardiacs at times. Of course, the number which follows sounds as if it has been heavily influenced by Oriental music, as if they are attempting to bring Chinese and Tibetan styles and cultures into the rock scene. In some ways it is as if three totally different bands recorded the first songs on the album, and that it is a compilation of various artists as opposed to one group. Vocally the song also is quite different to the previous, and with the lyrics in Russian it is impossible for the Westerner to understand what is going on, and the only way to truly get into this album is to let go of all preconceived ideas and just go with the flow. I have been incredibly impressed with all their albums, and this is yet another that I highly recommend. Their catalogue has been made digitally available through Progshine, and are all well worth investigating.

Kev Rowland: November 2018

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