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Orgia Pravednikov - 2010 - "Dlya Teh Kto Vidit Sny Vol. 1"

(46:05; Progshine Records)


The fourth full-length album from Orgy of the Righteous, ‘For Those Who See Dreams Vol.1’, finds themselves treading a fine line between bombast, Russian folk, metal, prog and pronk and when it works it comes off very well indeed, but there are also times when it feels more of a parody and that it is being played with tongues firmly in cheek. In some ways this is their most accessible album, and the way they throw in elements such as female operatic vocals, humming, and complex drumming is a delight and the use of a whistle makes one almost think of Horslips. But there are also elements when one can imagine asking a Western comedy rock band to play some Russian music, without doing any research, and it could end up like some of this. It is their least balanced album, and consequently their least successful to my ears, which is a shame as when they get it right as with the trumpet on “The Catcher In The Rye”, then their ideas and approach definitely shine. Certainly one of the most interesting bands to come out of Russia, this is not the album to start with when investigating their canon but one to turn to having already come to terms with their music.

Kev Rowland: October 2018

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