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Orgia Pravednikov - 2016 - "Dlya Teh Kto Vidit Sny Vol. 2"

(53:06; Progshine Records)


2016 saw Orgy of the Righteous return with their fifth full-length studio album, the follow up to ‘For Those Who See Dreams Vol.1’ which had actually been released some six years earlier. In between they had released a few EP’s along with the superb live album ‘Onward & Upward’. Some 16 years since their debut, and the quintet were still the same as on the very first album, although here they had added multiple more guests to create the sound they wanted. Special mention must be made of Yelena Yurkina, whose operatic soprano vocals add a very strong additional element to the band. Although she is only a guest, she has been performing with the band for some years and can be heard on the live album which was recorded in 2010. Although they have brought in additional brass and keyboard players, as well as the usual cello, they haven’t diluted their sound or approach and again have produced an incredibly strong work. The failings from the previous album have been addressed and again we have a band that is firing on all cylinders as they move through multiple styles of music, often bringing ethnic folk and metal crashing into pronk and opera to create something that is so very different indeed to everything else that is around. This is music that truly is progressing, refusing to conform to what anyone may feel should be performed, and truly tramples boundaries and barriers as they continue to follow their own path and delight those who manage to discover their music. Russian progressive music continues to excite and delight as it contains so many different influences, none of the normal Genesis or Yes clones here, as although there may be times when they sound as if they have been affected by King Crimson or VDGG is it more that the Western ear is trying to work out what on earth is going on! Orgy of the Righteous are one of the most impressive bands I have heard in recent years, and their whole canon is worth investigating, although I would probably start with the live album and their second release ‘Doors! Doors!’ and then move onto the rest.

Kev Rowland: November 2018

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