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Opus Symbiosis - 2011 - "Mute"

(21:49, ‘OS’)


The Finnish band OPUS SYMBIOSIS has been around since 2003, and took their good time in developing towards becoming recording artists. In 2009 they launched their initial effort, and two years later they are back again, now with a three-track EP titled "Mute". While their initial effort was a good one, "Mute" documents a band that has developed into a very fine ensemble indeed. With something of a base foundation in dampened moods, it contains as many neo-progressive features as post-rock ones, additionally revealing some jazz-oriented details in places, as well as harder sounding parts closer to the likes of Rush and even the odd distorted guitar texture not light years away from the likes of Robert Fripp. The music is an almost indescribable amalgam of expressions, performed with an apparent ease and joy that is a pleasure to experience: melodic and accessible, yet also challenging and unpredictable, with the powerful, emotional and true-to-life perfect vocals of Christine Sten on top. It's just too bad that this is merely an EP, as the 20 minutes of music are gone in an instant, leaving the listener, at least as far as I'm concerned, craving for more. Nonetheless, this is a stellar production, and so is a warmly recommended acquisition.

Olav M Bjornsen: October 14, 2011

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