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Osada Vida - 2012 - "Particles"

(51:37, Metal Mind Records)


1.  Hard-Boiled Wonderland 6:15
2.  Stronger 4:13
3.  Fear 4:41
4.  Those Days 5:42
5.  Shut 3:42
6.  David's Wasp 6:25
7.  Different Worlds 5:32
8.  Until You're Gone 5:19
9.  Mighty World 4:56
10. Master of Puppets 4:52 (b/t)


Lukasz Lisiak  bass 
Bartek Bereska  guitars 
Marek Majewski  vocals 
Adam Podzimski  drums 
Rafal Paluszek  keyboards 

Prolusion. The Polish band OSADA VIDA has been around in one shape or another since the late 90's, and since they released their first material in 2000 they have steadily developed their sound, style and popularity. "Particles" is their most recent studio effort, and was released by Polish label Metal Mind in the early spring of 2013.

Analysis. It's been intriguing to follow the career of this Polish band over the last few years, and how they now appear to truly establish themselves as an entity in their own right as well, up to and including being signed for the US festival ROSfest in 2011. Two years have gone by since that event, and four years since their last studio effort, and interest is believed to be high for this Polish band that often has been described as a band comparable to fellow Poles Riverside. What "Particles" the album reveals is a band that has managed to combine accessible features and compositions with playful performances and a fair share of intricate and quirky details to boot, a CD likely to make good headway into a more mainstream-oriented market segment without loosing track of the ideals of the progressive rock universe if you like. The core aspect of their compositions appear to have a foundation in an expression pretty close to neo-progressive rock this time around. Bass-driven sequences supplemented by smooth keyboard textures and guitar details are something of a key aspect throughout, especially for the verse and vocal parts of the compositions, more often than not with chorus parts scoring pretty good on the singalong chart to boot, light in tone and atmosphere, generally laden with positive vibes with a slight undercurrent of the melancholic. Alternating with these fairly accessible themes are instrumental sequences of a rather different nature. Still melodic and accessible, but with ample room for twisted and unusual instrument textures, first and foremost supplied by keyboards and guitars. Quirky interwoven instrumental motifs have their rightful place in these parts too, and provide a nice haven for the ears and minds of those who aren't too fond of songs of a purebred accessible nature, yet without sporting too many features and details that will feel out of place for those who prefer their music to be of a more mainstream oriented nature. Those fond of the more progressive metal oriented aspects of this band's repertoire get a few treats as well. Opening piece Hard-Boiled Wonderland sports a flamboyant guitar and keyboards prologue for instance, and later on the dark and twisted brief construction Shut is a nice combination of toned down and atmospheric progressive metal alternating with a more flamboyant and twisted variety of this style. Final piece Mighty World is a more traditional take on progressive metal, with a compelling guitar riffs and keyboards construction that should please fans of the origins of the genre quite nicely. There's also a bonus track present, Master of Puppets, which is indeed the classic Metallica track. Performed in a manner that will lead to some discussion however, as the metal origins of this piece by and large have been replaced with more of a jazz-rock oriented style, complete with playfully wandering piano motif and harmony vocals. Perhaps not something ardent Metallica fans will enjoy, but most certainly an innovative take on this classic thrash metal antic.

Conclusion. "Particles" is a CD that comes across as a playful and innovative at the same time, as it appears to be reaching out to cover a broader audience segment, pleasing moods and melodies combined with unusual instrument movements in fairly intricate compositions. An intriguing and accomplished production by a band that now appears to have constructed a strong musical identity, with fans of the more adventurous neo-progressive music as a likely core audience within the realms of progressive rock.

OMB=Olav M Bjornsen: April 7, 2012
The Rating Room

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