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Odder Than 3 - 2009 - "Odder than 3"


The Italian trio ODDER THAN 3 started out in 2008, and is currently working on its first full length album. This self-titled EP from 2009 was made first and foremost with promotional purposes in mind, but was also made available as a commercial item in October 2009 on iTunes. The stylistic expression explored by this band comes across as a form of sophisticated pop-rock, featuring slow- to mid-paced compositions with a focus on mood and atmosphere rather than drive and energy. Fluctuating synth textures with subtle symphonic traits are the main sophisticated feature to be found, but subtle fluttering keyboard layers and at times intricate drum patterns are other elements that make these compositions venture slightly beyond mainstream territories. Dampened guitar licks and steady bass lines underscore the tracks nicely, in sum producing mellow, slightly melancholic excursions. There are many fine tendencies on this EP, and in one instance, the fourth track Synerony, the band manages to assemble them in a manner that goes beyond the scope of the ordinary – a fine effort that might appeal to fans of for instance later day A-Ha. While this disc doesn't cover any new ground, those who tend to like atmospheric music from the lighter side of the pop art universe might find Odder Than 3 to be a band to their liking.

OB: March 21, 2010

Odder Than 3 - 2009 - "Odder than 3"


Here is the Italian trio ODDER THAN 3 and their first, self-released, outing of the same name. As the CD, while consisting of five tracks, lasts for only 20 minutes, well, I was from the outset sure that it has nothing to do with Progressive – and it doesn’t, indeed. With the exception of the opening one, all the tunes (four of which are songs, with English lyrics) are slow-paced throughout, and can at best be labeled as modern mainstream rock creations, each strongly lacking in thematic variety and memorable melodies as well. Before the age of the blossoming of computer and related technologies, it was impossible for a band to release an album without signing with a recording company, or, in other words, without being tested in its musical fitness. Nowadays, however, it is a trifling matter for anybody to record a few songs and make them available on CD, and it’s quite another matter whether they will please anyone else beside their maker(s). Wanna meet another musical potboiler? Then imagine an off-screen laugh while listening to it :-).

VM: May 21, 2010

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