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OT&DO - 2019 - "OT&DO at The Place"

(32:41; OT&DO)


OT&DO are a St. Peterburg band based around keyboard player Sergey Gorchaninov, with Stanislaw Rybinski (bass) and drummer Nikita Petrov. Although there have been a few EPs prior to this, what we have here is a live album recorded at a club at the beginning of 2017. There are eight instrumentals on this relatively short release (just over half an hour long) and they are joined by a saxophonist and guitarist for a couple of the tracks at the end. Heavily influenced by jazz, the guys can obviously play (especially Rybinski), but there is little here which excites the listener. The keyboards by Gorchaninov are generally a form of electric piano, and much of the music is laid back and makes me think of Eighties music, which in this context isn’t a good thing. There are times when the band do wake up a little, such as on parts of “May I”, and then things can become a little more interesting. But for the most part it is hard for the listener to keep interest, and although the small gathering in the club seem to be enjoying it, based on this the band have a long way to go to provide something continually interesting and enjoyable. If I had been in the club that night I am sure I would have spent my time at the bar instead of watching the band, sorry guys.

Progtector: April 2020

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