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Phi - 2012 - "The Deflowering of Reality"

(22:17, ‘Phi’)


The Austrian trio PHI was formed back in 2005, and following an initial EP in 2007 they released their debut album in 2011 with "For the Love of Ghosts". While working on material for a second album the band decided to release another EP, "The Deflowering of Reality", in 2012. While their debut effort was an interesting blend of traditional progressive metal and the approach used by bands like Porcupine Tree, this EP documents a band stretching out towards slightly different territories, a subtle shift perhaps, but notable. Opening track Manager of the Year is a hard edged take on the sound Radiohead built their career on, while final piece Teenage Lust is a darker creation closer to 90's grunge in expression, but with some transitional phases that again point back to the likes of Radiohead in expression. Both of them are compelling creations in their own right, with plenty of engaging themes and enticing motifs. Second track The Beginning of the End, a kind of a prolog to the final track, doesn't quite manage to succeed to my ears though. Some fine moments, in style somewhere in between the first and last composition, but too disjointed for my ears. But the bass and drums foundation is a nice and effective one. It's an interesting EP however, a slight derivation from the style on their first disc but generally compelling and well made. If you enjoyed their debut album this production can be considered a safe purchase, and those who enjoy the artists referenced might also want to check out this disc.

Olav M Bjornsen: Agst 16, 2012

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