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Pownd - 2007 - "Circle of Power"


POWND is a US metal act based in Detroit. "Circle of Power" is their latest release, following 9 years after their self-released debut album and 11 years after the band was first formed. Musically these guys seem to be influenced by a great number of bands and styles, though personally I'd name Black Sabbath and Soundgarden as the ones who had the greatest impact on the sound here. The music is very much dominated by the guitars, with a sludgy and dirty overall sound as signature. The band use standard metal riffs, shorter chords as well as sustained chords, melodic overlays and intricate riff patterns woven together in a tight mix creating a heavy, tight guitar sound. On top of the guitars the vocals of Michael Duncan add mood and melody to the songs, with a vocal approach often reminding me of good old Ozzy Osbourne, as well as Mike Patton and Chris Cornell, with seamless movement between the implied vocal styles. The quality of the songs here is mixed, but even the worst ones have interesting moments. In fact, there are no really weak tracks here, quite a few of them being very good. In my opinion Ellie is the clear highlight, a dark tight song overflowing with atmosphere and intensity.

OMB: February 26, 2008

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