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Pyramid Theorem - 2020 - "Beyond The Exosphere"

(41:13; Pyramid Theorem)


There is no doubt that even after so many years of reviewing, one of the real delights for me is to be contacted by a band to listen to their latest release, and then realise that it is masterpiece which otherwise I would have never come across. Now, in this case Pyramid Thoerem is something of a rediscovery for me, as singer/bassist Christian Di Mambro actually contacted me at the time of the debut back in 2012, but I can’t find the CD in my collection nor a copy of the review in my files, which makes me think it possible that it went missing in the post (which is sadly not unusual – especially with NZ being at the end of the world). Anyway, the quartet are completed by Stephan Di Mambro (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Sam Ermellini (guitar, vocals) and Vito De Francesco (drums, percussion), and they have kept the same line-up throughout. The result is something which mixes prog metal with mathcore and neo-prog to create something that is both incredibly high in note density and individual musical expertise while also being innovative and just damn fun to listen to. Any band which kicks off an album with a song which is more than eighteen minutes in length are out to make a serious note of intent, and to keep the listener interested and engaged throughout is not easy, but these guys make it seem just like that. They can be heavy when they need to be, or keep that edge off, and while their approach is somewhat different, I did find myself being reminded somewhat of Mr So & So, although admittedly they were never quite as heavy as this. They make the complex seem easy, yet there is always a purpose and direction, which means the listener finds it easy to follow, and at times it feels far more prog mainstream than it is. There is a great deal of contrast within the music, with wonderful harmony vocals which often have an edge to them. There is even a voicebox on “Freedom”, I mean, outside of Bon Jovi and Frampton when did you last hear one of those? This is exuberant prog metal which feels fresh, exciting, and innovative, powering through and kicking up a storm. These guys are creating their own path, different to both Dream Theater and Threshold, yet will be appealing to fans of both. Anyone who enjoys this style of music needs to seek these guys out at once, if not sooner.

Progtector: August 2021

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