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Quarta Trais De Trio (France) - 1999 - "Faiblesse"
(68 min, Musea)


1.  Faiblesse 6:33 (Fenoy, Gayral, Grammond)
2.  OS 4:46 (Fenoy, Gayral)
3.  Queen Wilson 5:06 (Fenoy)
4.  Marie J 5:05 (Fenoy, Grayal)
5.  Vicious Heart 6:26 (Fenoy, Pegeron, Howard)
6.  En Depit 5:52 (Fenoy, Gayral)
7.  Spare Yourself the Pain 2:00 (Fenoy)
8.  The Taste of You 7:54 (Fenoy, Grammond)
9.  Ma Devise 3:06 (Fenoy, Gayral, Grammond)
10. Loe 9:26 (Fenoy, Pegeron)
11. Acore 2:44 (Fenoy, Gayral, Grammond)
12. Ile 3: 02 (Fenoy)
13. Dying for Religion 7:39 (4/3 De Trio)

All lyrics: by either Fenoy or Stephen Howard. 


Aymeric Fenoy - electric & acoustic guitar; vocals
Sebastien Grammond - keyboards; electric guitar
Didier Pegeron - drums; classical guitar
Roman Gayral - electric basses

Produced by 4/3 De Trio & Raphael.
Engineered by Raphael at "Cartellier", France.

Synopsis. The 68-minute "Faiblesse", so far the only album by the French band 4/3 De Trio, was released just about a month before my name appeared on Musea's promo mailing list. The album consists of thirteen tracks, three of which are instrumental pieces (3, 10, & 11). The lyrics are not only in French, but also in English (on 5, 7, & 13), though most of the songs on the album contain few vocal parts. The music is highly original and complex and, with the exception of that on three tracks, to which I'll return later, represents either a guitar- based Art-Rock with elements of Symphonic Art-Rock and Prog-Metal (on 1, 5, 9, 11, & 13) or a blend of guitar-based Art-Rock and Prog-Metal with elements of Symphonic Art-Rock (on 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8). Apart from intensive arrangements, each of these tracks contains episodes filled with slow, atmospheric, and quite dark music, and also those consisting exclusively of acoustic textures. It must be said that the musical palette of the album is very diverse in general, and the band's compositional, arrangement, and performance skills are outstanding. Spare Yourself the Pain and Ile (7 & 12) feature only passages of classical guitar and vocals and are very beautiful acoustic ballads. Finally, the longest track on the album: Loe (10) presents constantly developing interplay between the parts of two acoustic guitars and most of all reminds me of a piece of Classical Music. 4/3 De Trio's "Faiblesse" is definitely a masterpiece and by all means.

VM: September 11, 2003

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