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Rainburn - 2014 - "Canvas of Silence"

(27:52, ‘Rainburn’)


The Indian band RAINBURN was formed back in 2011, based in the sprawling cityscape of Bangalore, which is one of the largest cities in this rather population rich nation. "Canvas of Silence" is their debut EP, and was self-released in 2014. Progressive rock bands based in India aren't the most common of occurrences, and it would be interesting to know just how much of a scene there is in India for music of this type. I know they have a substantial metal scene there, but the status for progressive rock in India is a subject I'll have to admit that I know next to nothing about. Rainburn's take is one firmly based on western traditions, however. They operate out from a base of gentle light-toned plucked guitars alternating and combining with darker-toned, firm guitar riffs, in a manner often reminding of Rush. On the five songs here Rainburn explores out from this foundation in various directions: one case of a gentler song with a more mainstream orientation, one with a bit more of a hard rock bite lightly flavored with funky details, a more careful atmospheric and subtly mystical affair that develops into more of a progressive metal-oriented excursion, one instance of a more typical ballad, and at last a more elaborate affair with funky details, jazz rock-oriented sequences, gentler harmonic interludes and quirkier progressive metal sections combined into a sophisticated and compelling blend. First and foremost a band I suspect fans of late ‘70s Rush might take an interest in, but those with an affection for bands such as Led Zeppelin and Porcupine Tree might also find this EP to be a compelling one. This is a strong and solid debut EP, where this band gets to showcase the width and scope of their material in a compelling and well executed manner.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: February 25, 2015

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