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Red Bazar - 2013 - "After the Ice Storm"

(24:23, ĎRed Bazarí)


The UK trio RED BAZAR was formed back in 2007, consisting of three musicians with a shared affection for progressive rock, classic 70's rock and fusion. They have two full length albums to their name, and in 2013 their most recent production was released: the EP "After the Storm". The three songs at hand document rather distinctly different sounding aspects of the bandís repertoire. Opening track The Fixer alternates between a powerful sequencer driven motif supported by surging majestic guitar riffs and a light toned guitar solo driven theme with careful guitar licks and occasional soft keyboard surges supplementing. Down Too continues in a light toned and subtle manner, with melodic guitar soloing in the driving seat, hitting a rougher edged, dark toned gritty guitar riff driven metal phase towards the end. Final composition Intoxication, a 12 minute long construction, ebbs and flows through multiple themes with varying degrees of intensity and pace, from powerful metal oriented movements to almost dream-laden laid back constructions serving careful guitar soloing. The end result is an instrumental EP alternating between progressive rock and not quite as progressive metal, with occasional jazzrock details thrown in for good measure. And merits a check by those who find that description compelling.

Olav M Bjornsen: November 5, 2013

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