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Red Cain - 2016 - "Red Cain"

(25:07,’ Red Cain’)


The Canadian band RED CAIN, in its current incarnation, was formed only last year. Or reformed one might say, as the band in its former guise has a history going back to 2012. The EP "Red Cain" is their first official release. It is clear that progressive metal is what the band is out to create, and they do so with a vigor and intensity you need to be young in mind and mindset to accomplish. They have opted for a loud, compact sound, where even the gentler interludes appear as pounding and loud, and the riff dominated main passages is a hard and heavy guitar onslaught. A wee bit too compressed a sound for my personal taste, but if you are fond of intense progressive metal, this band is right up that alley. They alternate nicely between harder and relatively softer passages, with a certain affection for wandering guitars and orchestral arrangements for the latter. The lead vocals are loud, powerful and melodic, and as intense in delivery as the music is loud. There are lots of energy and momentum, and the compositions are sophisticated enough to find favor among a progressive music-oriented audience. Personally I found the subtly industrial tinged opening track Guillotine to be the one that made the highest impact however, even if or perhaps because this one is the most intense by far. If you like your progressive metal loud and intense, and made with an eye and an ear for an appropriate amount of variety to be a part of each and every track, then this is an EP that might be worth giving a spin.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: June 25, 2017

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