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Relic Radiation - 2013 - "EP I"

(25:48, ‘Relic Radiation’)


The US project Relic Radiation is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Dan Simoes, who aims to create music within a progressive rock and post-rock general sphere of reference, with space rock as a further self-description to his material. Released digitally in 2013, "EP I" is the first release from this venture. The aim of this production appears to be a rather ambitious one. Gently wandering acoustic guitar passages are paired off with otherworldly electronic textures, harder edged dark toned guitar riffs will break in from time to time, hovering floating guitar solo textures come and go, and the more delicate, nervous post-rock style guitar details make occasional appearances as well. The end result is somewhat less impressive than this description might indicate, however. The drums are pedestrian at best, reminding of a drum machine more than anything, and the mix and production leave a lot to be desired, balancing in particular. The tracks featuring vocals do not improve matters, as the inwards-looking, weak-sounding talk-like vocals used don't do anything to add to the compositions, but are more of a detrimental aspect of it all. There are some good ideas buried in this material somewhere, but the execution of them leaves a lot to be desired at this point in time. I get the impression that the creator here was very young when this material was recorded. If that is the case he has plenty of time to improve. As is, this is an EP to seek out for the specially interested, and then possibly those with a particular interest in hearing the first steps of a very rough talent in development first and foremost.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: July 25, 2016

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