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Relic Radiation - 2014 - "EP II"

(24:55, ‘Relic Radiation’)


The US project Relic Radiation is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Dan Simoes, who aims to create music within a progressive rock and post-rock general sphere of reference, with space rock as a further self-description to his material. "EP II" is the second release from this venture, and was released digitally in 2014. The seven tracks on this EP document the skills of a presumably young and ambitious creator of music, still learning the ropes as far as composing, performing and producing material goes. The material ranges from dark toned affairs with a progressive rock and perhaps even metal edge to them to computer sound oriented musical escapades, with some post rock flirts and indie pop and rock additions for good measure. At best pleasantly charming material, a rough talent showcasing creativity and a skill set that might or might not develop to something more accomplished. Time will obviously have to tell. From a dark and immature singer/songwriter affair to ghostlier and more well developed space-tinged excursions this EP is a roller-coaster ride on many levels. But just about all of them come with a rough talent sticker attached to them. This isn't the finished article, but those that enjoy hearing the upsides and downsides of an artist in early development might be charmed by this EP.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: Agst 26, 2016

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