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Retrospective - 2017 - "Re:Search"

(46:33, Progressive Promotion Records)

TRACK LIST:                   

1. Rest Another Time 5:04
2. Right Way 4:51
3. The End of Their World 4:49
4. Roller Coaster 5:04
5. Heaven Is Here 5:44
6. Look in the Mirror 4:47
7. Last Breath 4:23
8. Standby 4:19
9. The Wisest Man on Earth 7:32


Beata Lagoda - keyboards, vocals
Jakub Roszak - vocals
Maciej Klimek - guitar
Lukasz Marszalek - bass
Robert Kusik - drums
Alan Szczepaniak - guitar

Prolusion. Polish band RETROSPECTIVE was formed back in 2005, with Robert Kusik and Maciej Klimek as the principal members. they have since develop into a six man strong crew that now has one initial EP and three studio albums to their name. "Re:Search" is their most recent production, and was released in 2017 through German label Progressive Promotion Records.

Analysis. Retrospective is one of many fine bands that have come out of Poland, and perhaps one of the bands with the strongest potential reach inside the progressive rock and metal scene that hasn't already become a staple in the international live circuit. That they do spend some time to create new music may be why they aren't more well known than they are: This album has been five years in the making. Asa far as the music itself is concerned, Retrospective is one of those that bands that operate on the border between progressive rock and progressive metal. Mainly staying put at the rock side of the border, but occasionally crossing over to metal when they feel the need for it. They do so in a contemporary manner as well, this is not an album that could have been made prior to the last decade. That being said, those who are well versed in rock and metal with progressive intent will recognize some familiar tendencies. A touch of Tool here, a shade of Riverside there. Possibly a small flavor of Muse as well. All explored in compositions that are short and concise, many getting the point across prior to the five minute mark. Which doesn't make these songs less sophisticated incidentally, as it is more a case of ditching conventional instrument solo runs. Tight plucked guitars and wandering piano motifs are used extensively, with dampened supportive guitar riffs added in here and there as well. Occasionally some more bombastic riffs appears as well, but they are used more sparingly. Regular guitar solo runs are more rare occurrences, while delicate guitar driven post-rock oriented details are applied with more of a regular frequency.. Floating keyboard textures and electronic effects are used for additional flavoring, with occasional lapses into majestic multiple layered guitar and keyboard combinations. Tight drum patterns and a fairly dominant compelling bass guitar creates a firm and likable foundation for everything, while clear, controlled and occasionally powerful melodic lead vocals conveys the lyrics in a pleasant, quality manner. Slightly accented, but not to the extent to have any major detrimental effect.

Conclusion. On their third studio production, Polish band Retrospective create music rather far removed from what their band name might suggest. This is dark, atmospheric laden modern progressive rock with the occasional bite of progressive metal, explored in concise compositions of the kind that does have something of a "post something" feel to them in terms of mood and atmosphere. Fans of later day Riverside and those who tend to enjoy the material of bands such as Porcupine Tree and, at least to some extent, Muse, should take note of this band in general and this album in particular.

Progmessor: October 29th, 2017
The Rating Room

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