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Rien Faire - 2020 - "Rien Faire"

(59:25; Dur et Doux)


Here we have the debut album of Rien Faire, who comprise Marie Daviet (keyboards, cornet, vocals), Lucas Hercberg (bass, big guitar, vocals) and Corentin Quemener (drums, carillon, vocals). One always expects releases on Dur Et Doux to be out in leftfield, and that is again the case here, yet somehow this is also inviting so even though there are tracks which are firmly RIO and experimental, there are others which seem quite mainstream in comparison. Often the most important instrument is the bass, which is rich and heavy, pinning everything to the ground. The drums are quite light in comparison, and there is a lot of restrained cymbalwork as opposed to massive blasts around the kit, and the same is true of the keyboards which are often very much in the background. In fact, the bass reminded me a lot of Peter Hook, such is its importance in the overall sound. But the melodies can be light and fragrant, while there is a huge amount of space inside the music, so that the listener can really get inside what is going on. The label says the band, “compose pop songs that didn't exist before, surrealist nursery rhymes (in French) with real noise in them and a lot of poetry”, and that makes perfect sense to me. As with every band on this label, they are pushing boundaries, and by making space such an important part of the overall sound, being experimental at some times yet almost commercial at others it provides for huge contrast. There is a real sense of dynamics, light and shade, and this is invigorating and powerful. There is no doubt that Dur Et Doux have a worthy reputation of being an acquired taste, but those who savour their delights always come away satiated and Rien Faire are yet another example. Definitely worthy of investigation for those who want their music to be truly progressive, experimental and non-conformist yet somehow also inviting and interesting.

Progtector: September 2021

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