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Sailor Free - 2016 - "Spiritual Revolution: Part Two"

(43:19, Tide Records)


TRACK LIST:                   

1. Spiritual Ouverture II 1:15
2. The Maze of Babylon 5:37
3. Society 2:38
4. The Fugitive 3:47
5. Amazing 4:58
6. Game Over. It's Me 2:11
7. We are Legion 5:49
8. Special Laws 4:33
9. Cosmos 2:29
10. About Time 4:24
11. Revolutionary Soul 5:38


David Petrosino - vocals, piano, keyboards, guitars
Raimondo Mosci - drums
Alphonso Nini - bass
Stefano Toni - drums
Stefano Barelli - guitars
Lorenzo Canevacci - guitars
Cecilia Amici - backing vocals
Stefano Ribeca - saxophone

Prolusion. Italian band SAILOR FREE was originally active in the early 1990's, releasing two albums before calling it a day. They resurfaced as an active entity in 2010, and have since then issued a further two studio albums. "Spiritual Revolution: Part Two" is the most recent of these, and was released through Italian label Tide Records in 2016.

Analysis. Reading up on the credits of this album, I'm actually a bit unsure about how much of a band project Sailor Free is these days. This venture comes across as more of a one man band project with helpers, at least as far as recording their material is concerned, where composer and musician Petrosino is the sole member participating on all songs. Officially Sailor Free has five full time members though, so this may well be a case isolated to the recording of their material exclusively. As far as the music is concerned, we're dealing with a band with an expansive approach to what one may generally describe as a widely appealing variety of progressive rock. The material is rich in moods and atmospheres, and they tend to shy away from the more challenging details in their music as a whole. Those fond of atonalities, disharmonic elements and other aspects that will challenge ones perceptions of music can safely look elsewhere. Distinct melodies, instrument and vocal harmonies and a soft, embracing sound is what this band is all about. A wandering piano motif is a recurring and often central aspect of the compositions, with careful rhythm details backing it up and the guitar mainly used in a more supplemental role as the provider of dampened riffs and atmospheric laden guitar solo runs and overlays. On occasion with a darker, beefier expression, that combined with keyboards and organs gives the songs more of a hard progressive rock sound, albeit one with a contemporary rather than vintage sound. Electronic details and effects is a key aspect of just about all the songs, providing a subtly cosmic and psychedelic sheen throughout, occasionally also with something of a subtle orientation towards industrial landscapes. Here and there you will encounter some jazz-tinged details as well, primarily by way of the piano. In sum these aspects makes up material that by and large can be compared to bands such as Porcupine Tree. We get a comparable dark but soft and subtly distanced sound and mood with a contemporary feel. Kind of like a dystopian landscape viewed through a waxed filter. Dark but compelling and hypnotic rather than haunting and ominous. Well made throughout I should add, where the chaotic sound constellation Cosmos is just about the sole let down.

Conclusion. Those who tends to appreciate modern progressive rock that use and utilize elements similar to and comparable to the likes of Porcupine Tree should find this latest CD by Sailor Free to be an album well worth checking out. Dark, warm and appealing, and very well produced too, this is a quality example of contemporary progressive rock of the kind that should have a wide general appeal.

Progmessor: November 26th 2017
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