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Salma Gandhi - 2012 - "The Quest for Nonsense Never Ends"

(75:15, Transubstans Records)


The Swedish band SALMA GANDHI has been together in one shape or another since 2005, the 5 man strong ensemble describing itself as a "stoner jazz/easy listening punk/film noir rock orchestra". They released their debut album "The Quest for Nonsense Never Ends" on the Swedish label Transubstans Records in 2012. What we're treated to on this occasion is a band fond of utilizing details from a great variety of styles to complement their main stylistic expression, with blues, jazz and rockabilly some of the more notable ones used to flavor a landscape, otherwise fairly deep set inside the psychedelic parts of the progressive rock universe. Bass and drums are at the core as far as pace, energy and momentum go, while layered guitars and organ cater for the psychedelic aspects quite nicely. Both in terms of lighter toned, careful and at times almost ethereal arrangements as well as for the harder edged and occasional darker toned, doom metal tinged constructions. Instrumental progressive rock of the psychedelic variety is the dominant aspect however, and in the second half of this disc we're also treated to some longer pieces that appear to be more of an improvisational nature. It's a well made production that should find favor amongst fans of acts like My Brother The Wind and Oresund Space Collective, especially if they enjoy whimsical details as well as occasional brief detours to a darker toned, metal oriented landscape.

Olav M Bjornsen: June 21, 2013

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