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Scott Henderson - 2019 - "People Mover"

(61:50; Scott Henderson)


Scott Henderson is back with his latest instrumental fusion album, and for this one he has teamed up with Romain Labaye (bass) and Archibald Ligonniere (drums). All three guys like to play as if they are taking the lead, which means that in many ways Labaye has the key role to play as someone has to keep it together and with a drummer who is all over the place competing with the lead melodic guitar then itís a tough job. Luckily he more than has the chops, playing his fretless bass with plenty of chords as well as some dramatic styles to make his role continuously interesting and evolving. As for Henderson himself, he has been previously been rated as one of the top guitarists in the world, has toured and recorded with Chick Corea's Elektric Band, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, and worked for four years with Weather Report's Joe Zawinul. On top of this he has built a career not only as a sideman but also as a bandleader and solo musician in his own right. Originally from a blues background he moved into fusion at a young age, but what I find interesting is while he is obviously heavily influenced by Holdsworth (not only in the notes he plays, but the way he experiments with different sounds to get there) he also brings plenty of Vai into the mix as well as Blackmore. He shreds like an absolute bastard, but he also brings in melody and lightness but also throws in some classic heavy rock moves as well. The way the notes can be bent and wrenched out through feedback are so very different to the fluidity he finds in other places. It is a very polished, always interesting, jazz fusion album which will be of great interest to anyone who enjoys this style of instrumental music.

Progtector: January 2020

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