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Sea Vine - 2013 - "Sea Vine"

(29:55 EP, ‘Sea Vine’)


The Polish band SEA VINE was formed in 2012, originally as a duo. This self-titled EP was self released by the band in 2013. It has since been withdrawn, but an expanded version of it was released through the Polish label Lynx Music as the band's full length debut album towards the end of 2013. This initial EP by Sea Vine documents a band that appears to craft the compositions around a central piano motif, often freely wandering in a subtly jazz-oriented manner, with steady drums as pace-keeper, swirling keyboard textures supplementing, and fairly often with room for a church organ somewhere too. Light toned female lead vocals courtesy of Milena Szymanska is a distinct presence in some of the songs, most noticeably on opening, epic-length Clouds. This EP is a pleasant enough production, although the keyboards used are old and some of the sounds do come across as being ever so slightly on the cheesy side as far as such matters go. Primarily a production that will appeal to fans of keyboards driven music in general and those with an interest in the analogue varieties of this instrument in particular, the band as such promising but still in development from what I can hear here.

Olav M Bjornsen: Agst 19, 2014

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