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Seconds Before Landing - 2018 - "Trio Volume I"

(15:02, Seconds Before Landing)


US project SECONDS BEFORE LANDING have been around for half a dozen years or so by now, with three full length albums to their name as well as a wee bit of controversy over one of their videos. Come 2018 and this project does something new: They release their first ever EP. The music of Seconds Before Landing is the meeting of electronic sounds and rock music, often with a dark atmosphere and certain details that point back towards bands like Pink Floyd. Lyrics are also rather important. This blend reach new heights on this EP. The lyrics are captivating in themselves, and main man John's talk-like delivery is used to excellence throughout. From describing one man's odd habits backed by whimsical funky guitar licks, electronics and sardonic female backing vocals on I'm a Weirdo to the doom-laden tragedy implicit in the mournful darkness of 1-9-2 and it's more electronic and gloom-laden instrument coating to the concluding harrowing current real life tale of what probably is a specific person on You Won't Deny Me. The narrative and instrumental gloom explored by Seconds Before Landing, as well as the more whimsical sides of this project, are perfectly explored on this EP. Dark ambient electronica meets Pink Floyd is perhaps a description. Perhaps music for a niche audience, but that niche audience will find this EP to be a brilliantly made journey into the abyss, with a tongue-in-cheek side trip that is needed considering the topics explored in the pair of darker songs. An easy recommendation for me, and for those curious I suggest listening to the track 1-9-2 first to get an impression.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: August 29th, 2018

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