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Sendelica - 2010 - "A Nice Pear"

(10:55 EP, Fruits de Mer Records)


The UK outfit SENDELICA has been a rather active unit since releasing its debut album back in 2007, and is possibly the only band from Wales to land a record contract with a Russian label to boot. Three albums and three EPs make up their discography so far, and the limited edition vinyl EP "A Nice Pear" is among the latter, issued by the dedicated vinyl enthusiast label Fruits de Mer Records in the fall of 2010. As is most often the case with a Fruits de Mer production, this EP consists of cover material, with The Psychedelic Furs and Funkadelic given reruns with their songs Venus in Furs and Maggot Brain, respectively. The former is a calm and beguiling affair with delightful female lead vocals on top of a foundation consisting of a gentle recurring guitar motif and subtle soloing, the latter a brilliant piece of work opening with sound clips from a movie, continuing with a circulating calm acoustic guitar motif with drawn-out, distorted, distinctly psychedelic guitar soloing on top, producing a remarkably enthralling dream-laden atmosphere. Subtly whispered vocals sneak in at the very end for a perfect finish. This is a delightful EP for all fans of psychedelic rock of a gentle nature, and well worth getting if you can get hold of it. The label reported this item as sold-out on pre-orders, so this one will have to be searched for in the second-hand market.

Olav M Bjornsen: April 1, 2011

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