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Sendelica - 2019 - "Cromlech Chronicles IV: The Door Into Summer"

(65:03, Regal Crabomophone)


TRACK LIST:                  

1. Lightstar 19:15
2. Saturnalia 22:39
3. Nine Miles High 14:10
4. Lightstar (Reprise) 8:59


Pete Bingham - guitars, electronics
Glenda Pescasdo - bass
Meurig Griffiths - drums
Lee Relfe - saxophone
Lord Armstrong Sealand - theremin, synths

Prolusion. Welsh band SENDELICA first appeared on the scene back in 2006, and through almost 15 years of hard work and a plethora of releases they have established themselves as something of a household name in the psychedelic rock circuit. They will often release several albums each year, and by now they have more than 30 releases to their name. "Cromlech Chronicles IV " dates back to 2019, and was released on UK label Fruits de Mer Records imprint Regal Crabomophone.

Analysis. Various aspects of psychedelic rock is obviously a trademark of this band, and they explore this type of music in a few different manners. The most common denominators is that the material tends to have an improvised feel to it, and that the saxophone is a regular lead instrument alongside the guitar. In addition, the material tends to be instrumental. All of these traits are in place for this album, and as such this is a production that can be described as being fairly typical of the band. The main parts of this album has something of a tranquil, almost dream-laden feel to them. While opening cut 'Lightstar' has it's moments of sharp, crispy guitar soloing and subtly dramatic orchestral eruptions, gentler sections with the guitar and saxophone playing on top of a subtle, steady groove are perhaps just as dominant, and on second track 'Saturnalia' these more careful traits are explored more in depth, with some subtle cosmic details appearing here and there that also gives this cut a stronger individual identity. The following 'Nine Miles High' also have it's cosmic moments here and there, but with a beefier, garage rock oriented guitar sound and a somewhat higher level of pace, energy and intensity overall. Concluding the album is 'Lightstar (Reprise)', which revisits some of the more energetic parts of the opening track and then heads towards a gentler end sequence that pretty much takes this album experience full circle on a couple of different levels. This is very much a typical Sendelica album, albeit a production where the band explores their softer and more delicate sides more than anything else. Music that establish a certain atmosphere and mood one can exist in and be a part of to a greater extent than transporting you somewhere. An introspective production if you like, a soundtrack for those internal journeys into your mind and soul.

Conclusion. Sendelica has become a seasoned band by now, and while they may well suffer a bit in the innovation department due to that they also have the experience needed to create material that always will engage on some level. Mainly gentle, careful and subtle instrumental psychedelic rock is what we are served here. Introspective music explored by way of improvised leads over a steady groove complete with the occasional intermission and careful, gradual change of pace, intensity and atmosphere. An album well worth seeking out if that description sounds interesting.

Progmessor: January 2020
The Rating Room

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