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Sidewalk Society - 2010 - "Sidewalk Society"

(12:30 EP, Fruits de Mer Records)


The US trio SIDEWALK SOCIETY has one full album to its name, a self-titled CD issued in 2008. This self-titled EP from 2010 is its second production, a limited edition 7-inch vinyl record released by Fruits de Mer Records, a label specializing in re-recording of classic psychedelic songs. In this case Lazy Old Sun (The Kinks), Dandelion (The Rolling Stones), (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (The Small Faces) and In the First Place (The Remo Four with George Harrison) are explored. Of these four tracks, I'd say that the songs by The Kinks and The Remo Four are given the most interesting treatment, the former with effective use of flugelhorn to add a brooding atmosphere contrasting with the energetic rhythms and lazy, dream-laden vocals and guitars, while the latter features sophisticated trumpet and what sounds very much like Mellotron adding a backdrop laden with finesse that suits this track perfectly. Both of these are brilliant efforts. The cover of the Rolling Stones’ Dandelion is another good quality effort, and one that might surprise those not too familiar with the scope of that band's musical heritage. The only slight letdown for me is the cover of The Small Faces, a good track but lacking the details I crave to be truly intrigued by a song. Overall a delightful collection of 60's material given a new lease of life, and those who love their psychedelic music and their vinyl records should get this one – if the label still has any copies left, that is.

Olav M Bjornsen: May 19, 2011

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