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Slemlurk - 2015 - "Eremitens Magiska Afventyr"

(17:08, ‘Slemlurk’)


The Swedish project SLEMLURK is a new constellation on the scene, consisting of instrumentalist Tony Thoren and drummer Nils Jonsson. "Eremitens Magiska Afventyr" is their first production, an EP that consists of five tracks clocking in at 17 minutes total. The band describes their music as psychedelic jazz-punk. While they do toss in some jazz-tinged movements at times, I wouldn't state that jazz or even jazz rock is a defining trait of their sound however. They do have the pace and intensity from punk, but applied to a quirky, sophisticated blend of instrumental details that, for me, is difficult to pin down to any specific genre placement other than that the material is undeniably residing somewhere inside the progressive rock universe. Besides a whimsical folky end composition, this band has a sound comparable to the likes of Jack Dupon and perhaps Gong too, in their mellowest moments. But more often than not they pace along with quirky movements like an instrumental Gentle Giant or Gosta Berlings Saga on a massive dose of adrenalin, with quite a few vintage power trio details thrown in for good measure. Up to and complete with the use of ghostly keyboards and whimsical backing vocal details. A vibrant and highly promising debut EP by a new band this one, and I recommend spending some time at their Bandcamp website to check out their material. Especially if energetic, quirky and vibrant instrumental progressive rock sounds like something that will be of interest.

Olav M Bjornsen: May 25, 2015

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