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Story Of A Life - 2014 - "Story of a Life"

(25:09, ТSOALТ)


The US quartet STORY OF A LIFE was formed in 2014, and is a band that plays live performing both original material as well as cover songs, citing inspiration from all across the classic progressive rock spectrum. Their self-titled debut EP was self-released towards the end of 2014. Ardent fans of progressive rock may associate this band with the still ongoing website Progressive Ears, due to the presence of a certain Sean Tonar as a member of the outfit. But despite that and the band's statement of numerous progressive rock artists as sources of inspiration, the music they explore on their debut CD is of a slightly different nature. Vintage-style, light-toned and elegant jazz rock is what they provide us with here, 25 minutes and five instrumental compositions of uplifting, careful jazz-fusion, smooth in approach and execution. Wandering jazz-oriented piano motifs, plucked careful rhythm guitars and a lead guitar alternating between gliding and lucked solo runs in tight interplay with the piano and keyboards are the key characteristics. Occasionally with careful funk-oriented attitudes, on other occasions with subtly more of a folk-oriented or psychedelic-tinged expression. Well made and well performed, but without expanding any musical boundaries as such. A quality production however, and those with an affection for the lighter and more playful side of mid Т70s jazz rock should find this EP to be a pleasantly engaging encounter.

Olav "Progmessor" Bjornsen: May 20, 2015

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